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Thread: Hello Valium

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    Hello Valium

    So a friend got me some Valium tablets -10mg to help me sleep. I guess I have problem with anxiety. Usually I take non prescription sleeping tablets if I want to sleep.

    I'm already taking Prozac, and Ritalin. Prozac for two months, Ritalin for about 6 months.

    I thought Valium is for sleeping, but it seems like it's also for anxiety..

    I do get anxiety sometimes, I wonder is it normal to take Valium to relax more in social situations?

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    Re: Hello Valium

    hi is your friend in the medical profession, its just that can you be sure the meds are genuine? and also that they do not interact with your other meds? i too thought valium was for sleep but saying that i have temazapam and i was perscribed it for sleep but i do believe that people take it for anxiety situations so maybe, i would have a google

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    Re: Hello Valium

    I would not take the valium without your doctors advise.

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    Re: Hello Valium

    Oh the Valium is definitely genuine. I will take care with it, and have done the research. Friend is not a medical practitioner.

    I think I will use it minimally, for anxiety. Maybe just a quarter of a pill, and see how it works.

    I have over the counter medicine, which I can use to get to sleep, so I don't really need it to sleep. But if I feel myself with anxiety, I may use it in moderation and not on a regular basis.

    I don't really have an addictive personality so I guess it's okay. But thanks for your consideration.

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    Re: Hello Valium

    So anyway at this stage, I keep the Valium in reserve. It actually can be segmented into quarters. I tried a quarter 2.5gms, and felt a bit more relaxed. So I think I'll just stick to that minimal amount, if I feel the onset of anxiety, is happening less and less recently.

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    Yeah part of my problem, is the doctor I went to originally was in my old suburb, which is about 2 and a half hours away. I tried going to a doctor in that area I am at now, the medical centers all seem full around here, maybe because I'm not a local.

    Anyway thankfully doctors seem to give me 6 month prescriptions, and I have some access to medication. I guess I just have to be sensible with it, do my research, and use sites/communities like this for advice.

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