My name's Clare, I've suffered from panic attacks from the age of 11, I'm now 22 and I'm still suffering. I have been put on Beta Blockers and Antidepressents which I felt only ever masked my symptons. I under took a course of cognitive therapy whilst I was in my final year of university. This helped me so much, it was so hard to face my fears and tell people about them. I'm so lucky I have a wonderful boyfriend who has been throught the mill and back with me, but he's still here, encouraging me at every turn. My fear was being ill, either sick, upset tummy, headache, anything really. The trigger is being in a situation or place where I can not get out incase I feel ill. I've had a 3mth career break whilst I move house, and I have been fine, very few attacks and I've felt on top of the world. But I'm due to start a new job in the next week and it's all come out again. It's so nice to read and hear so many peoples stories and to know that I'm not the only one who is going through this.

Thank you for a great site