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Thread: getting along by stepping stones

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    getting along by stepping stones

    i wrote before of why i am in a womens refuge.
    now i would like to say that i am on the road to being rehoused, it will be in a sheltered complex, where i will get loads of good after care which i will need to help me rebuild my life again and get an address of my own again. all huge steps and i am feeling so anxious over some really basic things like i hope it will all go through ok, when it already has, i get my keys tommorrow, yet i am still so nervous that i have forgotton to do something.
    thank goodness i have a support worker who will be with me, i so need them still so.
    it may take me some time to find another place with free wi fi before i get myself re organised again.
    well here goes i am stepping on to the next stepping stone.

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    Re: getting along by stepping stones

    Well done Patricia you are doing really well and deserve success in your new home. Take care.EJ

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