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Thread: Coming off Citalopram

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    Re: Coming off Citalopram

    I know the feeling. I feel like I am in the movie the matrix. I am trying holy basil for calmness and evening primrose for other issues females have after age 40 and a hystorectomy. I feel good except for the extreme dizziness. Exercise is helping but it is a process. This is the first full week of cold turkey for me. I dont cry but i do get anxious sometimes. The other herb that I take is damiana for the female sex drive to come back.. It is wonderful. But ask your doctor first just in case you take other meds.

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    Re: Coming off Citalopram

    I have exactly 38 tablets left (20 mg) i intend on cutting them in half and taking one a day for a week or so, then one every 2nd day, then three a week and so on until they're done....or thats the plan at least!
    I know what its like if you miss a few days, i get a feeling of having wet cement sloshing around in my head, hopefully a fairly gradual decrease in dosage wont be too bad....I will post my findings on how things go

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    Re: Coming off Citalopram

    Don't come off cold turkey. Those little citalopram tablets can be split in two quite easily. Try having your dose first. And talk to your doctor.

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    Re: Coming off Citalopram

    New poster here - hello!
    I am on citalopram 10mg and am looking to completely stop them altogether. What's the best way of tapering them down? A year ago I dropped from 20mg to nothing (over a period of 6 months, doing it one tablet every other day, then one tablet every three days etc) but after completely coming off them I was a mess due the withdrawal symtoms. I had been taking citalopram 20mg for 6 years so I know my body was very reliant on them, hence perhaps why I really struggled to come off them. The Doctor said to go on to 10mg and I have been on 10mg for the past year. I'd like to completely come off though and am scared about going through the withdrawal symptoms again (insomnia, hands and feet felt like they were burning were the main ones - meant I wasn't sleeping at all). So I wonder if anyone had any advice about the best way to do it?

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    Re: Coming off Citalopram

    I haven't been on here in a long time. Been on Citalopram 20mg since 2010, up until a month or so back when I reduced onto 10mg. I have also been a little lax with taking them in the past two weeks - well, basically, not taken any at all as kept putting off picking up my prescription.

    Anyway, I'm finding myself feeling very up and down, irritable, and with an extremely short fuse since being on 10mg. I am emotional and generally have this 'background' feeling that something is very bad.

    Currently toying with the idea of going back up to 20mg.

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