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Thread: Direct.Gov Benefit Links

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    Direct.Gov Benefit Links

    Links to details on benefits in the UK from the Government Website

    Benefit Entitlement

    A lot of useful links about, claiming, appealing etc -

    Job Seekers Allowance and low income benefits
    Job Seeker Allowance -
    Income Support -
    Budgeting Loans -
    Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) -
    Constant Attendance Allowance -
    Pension Credit -
    Universal Credit -

    Child Benefits
    Child Benefit -
    Guardian Allowance -

    Benefits for Families
    Sure Start Maternity Grant -
    ChildCare Grant -
    Childcare and Tax Credits -
    Parents Learning Allowance -

    Tax Credits
    Working Tax credit -
    Child Tax Credit -

    How to apply for Tax Credits -

    Carers and disability benefits
    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) -
    Carers Allowance -
    Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) -
    Attendance Allowance -
    Personal independence Payment (PIP) -

    Disability Benefit helplines -

    Heating and Housing Benefits
    Housing Benefit -
    Council Tax Reduction -
    Winter Fuel Payment -
    Cold Weather Payment -

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    Re: Direct.Gov Benefit Links

    Excellent links, thank you.
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