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Thread: self help groups

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    self help groups

    Hello everyone

    Wasn't sure where this post should go so started here. Has anyone ever set up a self help group/support group in there area?

    There is very little in my area and I would very much like to set up and help run something to help others in the same predicament as me. Where does one start? With the doctor perhaps?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Janie xxxxxxx

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    hi you could contact your local mind group can be found in phone directory. they should be able to help. or if not your doctors should be able to.
    good luck

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    Hi Janie,

    Have PM'd you separately on this subject, but just to remind others how they can find out if there is a group in their area

    National Phobics Society

    No Panic - phone 01952 590545 as they hold a directory of groups

    Your local library

    Your local community mental health team (perhaps your GP also)

    if you have one, a voluntary services bureau

    most local councils give details of voluntary groups on their websites

    and of course our 'friend' Google!


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    i run a support group but not for panic or anxiety although we do deal with those.
    we did it with the help of a friends psychotherapist who put us in touch with a charity who help people set up groups.
    its a lot of hard work aggravation and expensive but worthwhile.
    if there isnt a support group in your area and you are seeing a therapist try asking about it


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