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Thread: 9 weeks on and STILL having breast issues :(

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    9 weeks on and STILL having breast issues :(

    my doc has reffered me eventually to the breast clini - she said it was fro reassurance
    i have had 3 examinations by 2 diff docs and 1 examination from a homeopathist gp none of which seemed concerned by anything , i dont have any lumps etc.

    i just get a burning sensation deep inside of my left breast, sometimes in my upper back also , the burning sometimes radiated to just under my armpit awell.
    the pain i am gettin there isnt like a normal pain, it comes and goes and couild be a sharp pain lasting few secs or a longer throbbing pain, at first it was just the outer left breast, now its all over the breast, , pain in armpit and also sometimes down arm and has been in around my collar bone area.
    my main thought at first was ibc, which is still in the back of my mind :(
    however 9 weeks have passed and the pain/burning hasnt got anyworse nor have there been any other symptoms.. except some itching to left breast :/
    i do feel my breasts regularly and 3-4 times now i have felt what feels like a tiny tiny soft squashy spot inside (different places) maybe a cyst??
    im so scared :(
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    Re: 9 weeks on and STILL having breast issues :(


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