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Thread: anxiety in waves

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    anxiety in waves

    Hi feeling feeling OK in the morning even though I'm waking up throughout the night just seem to have waves of anxiety going over and over in my head thinking of the worse case scenario then it will pass and i feel OK back to normal again I'm also Gipping a lot without being sick especially when i get out of shower and when i get up in morning i have been to doctors who have increased my citlopram to 40mg trying to think positive that i will feel more relaxed in a couple of weeks i also have big long panic attacks on the past but these just seem to be very subdued. This forum is also very helpful with plenty of positive people and hood to read all the experiences that people have had and still have with depression and anxiety regards mike

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    Re: anxiety in waves

    Increasing anti-depressants can make your anxiety worse for the time being but it will pass. As an anxiety sufferer my anxiety comes in waves too, it gets worse at some point in the day and lessens or I can have bad days.
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    Re: anxiety in waves

    Yeah I hope so never been on a increase of tablets before. yeah the good days keep me going hope your we'll and thanks for your reply

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