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    Re: How I suppressed my HA

    Congratulations on feeling better! I come from another forum called benzobuddies, please try to avoid ativan or anything like it; take it only for emergencies!

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    Re: How I suppressed my HA

    Thanks for telling us about this, also watching one colorful life m and m,

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    Re: How I suppressed my HA

    Mose, I have blood in urine (traces) too. Apparently, 10% of the population has that. I got all the Ct scans, and tests and nothing was found.

    A piece of advise for the next worried reader who has blood in urine (microscopic, not visible)...this almost never leads to cancer diagnosis. It must be macroscopic blood in urine, not a random finding on urine test...that triggers concern.
    And also women under age 45, with some minor blood in urine...apparently have ZERO chance of bladder cancer.

    I was told that by the Head of Urology in Cedars Sinai.

    Just FYI

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    Re: How I suppressed my HA


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    Re: How I suppressed my HA

    Well done! Great news <3

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