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Thread: Periods and anxiety?

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    Hi i get really bad symptoms before about 7 to10 days before, i get horrid feeling/panic when i am out and on a period?. and my post that says that i come over feeling like i am going to drop/faint i am sure happens in the pre menstral phase. i am so sick of it, last time my period finish i felt really down. What next.

    carol xx

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    Try these...

    PMT and Anxiety
    period trouble [ladies please]
    one for the females
    ok - here's a REALLY strange question !!!
    girls only
    PMT, tiredness, and feeling of unreality
    Bleuuuuuurgh -for the girls on here!
    time of the month

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    People will forget what you did
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    Hi Sam

    As you can see your certainly not alone when its come to the time of the month.

    Im like Carol 7-10 days before my period i am alot worse with Anxiety.

    I have started taking Starflower Oil Capsules once a day, they are good for Hormonal balance, they seem to be working the last couple of month i felt alot better when my peiod was due. You can get the tablets from most health food shops or major chain supermarkets.



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    its like it ruins it for you once a month and you have to climb your way back out again
    vit b6 helps me a lot though

    we are all stronger people after having this

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    I'm just finishing my period and the last 5 days have been hell quite frankly. :(

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    Always jittery when i get my period, I dread them. I do think they are linked in some way to my panic, ah I am coming back as a man in the next life lol [:P]

    mandy xxx

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    Hi I suffer from hot flushes from my anxiety.I control it a lot nut just before I get my period.I start getting my getting hot flushes and the nervous stomach.So I really do think that my anxiety gets worst through a certain time of the month.I am only 21 had an obscene amounts of test as well as bloodtest and a full blood count so it can't be my hormones thats causing it so ya its my period

    love to all of you

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