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Thread: Breast cancer worry

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    Breast cancer worry

    I've been very worried the last few months because i have had a really itchy right nipple and very painful breats.
    I am very scared and i stupidly just googled and read the words inflammatory breast cancer :([:O]:(
    I couldnt read any more after that but at least it has made me hurry up seeing my doctor about it, I am scared now, I am too scared to check my breast because they are so painful.

    Found some self examination instructions though, here is a link in case they might be useful to some of you.

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    hi there i can understand your worry boobs feel painful at the minute but i think its hormonal im also worrying about lumpiness as i have poked and prodded my boobs so much over the last few weeks im now not sure whats normal and whats ive booked in to see the doctor monday-then i will know for sure what feels normal-i am actually becoming obssessed by the idea i have got breast cancer as i can feel lumpy bits....after googling im wondering if i have got fibrosistic breasts?.......or worse cancer
    good luck with seeing the doctor....lets hope we have our minds put at rest
    take care

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    hi, its a good idea to go to the doctors just to put your mind at rest, but just to reassure you, i have been to the doctors with painful breasts (they were continuously painful for a couple of months) and she was not concerned at all. I also asked about itchyness because i have had that too, and again she was not concerned, she told me it is amazing how many different breast symptoms women can have, nearly all of which are benign. in fact, i think i have been to the doctors with every symptom [:I]

    as for lumpiness, again general lumpiness is not really a problem, it is specific lumps that they are looking for, my doctor has told me to stop worrying about general lumpiness, understand what's normal for me so i would know if i had a new lump that felt different from the rest of my boobs.

    i hope that helps a little, i'm sure your doctor will be able to reassure you about it.


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    i can relate to this topic completly. since about march i have been convinced i have breast cancer. why because my boobs ached and i had pain in the rib area under my arm round to the back.

    i podded and poked so much it made me feel even more pain and aches. i did go and c my gp about it and he told me basically the same as strawberries gp.
    i also have acid reflux and apparently this can cause a lot of rib discomfort (which i didn't realise at the time).

    i still do a check breast check but have managed to get it down to twice a month.

    all the best

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    My girlfriend has painful breasts in the week leading up to her period and at other times as well. The mammary glands store a lot of fat and this can make them inflamed and painful. Because of my girlfriend checking herself and going to the doctors, my sister also checked her breasts. She is now undergoing her second course of chemo therapy after having a complete masectomy of her left breast and a 6 centimeter tumor removed. Tumors very very rarely hurt and my sisters definitley didn't. Also, it takes about 7 years for a tumor to develop enough that you can feel it, so if the pain has come on quickly you can pretty much guarantee that its nothing to worry about. Learn about your breasts and how to check yourself and identify the different parts of your breasts. And don't be afraid to look on the internet for information, not just typing in symptoms.

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