Hi everyone, im new to this and would really appreciate some help and guidance to get me through, Im 24yrs old and I have suffered with emetephobia for as long as I can remember now, iv had therapy and that just resulted in uncovering a horrific experience as a child but it didn't stop the fear, panic and anxiety from continuing. I struggle to go out in public and eating out is the biggest challenge ever and it's ruining my relationship as you can imagine. Holidays are a struggle just a night away from home a few months back that was a secret surprise from my partner ended in 2 panic attacks in fear of being sick :( It's getting to him now and its affected my whole life even at work being under pressure sets off my adrenaline and then before I know it ive got anxiety and panic attacks. Ive seen my doctor and she prescribed me 80mg half beta prograne slow release capsules but as you can imagine I have been staring at the box for the last 3 weeks now and fearful of taking them that will set me off, feel or make me sick or I will get more anxious of taking them when I have eventually plucked up the courage. I had my mind set on taking them this morning and not telling my other half so when I was coping better I could tell him that I had in fact started the tablets he's been encouraging me to take and there helping and hope he sees a difference and is more positive too. I just need some advice from other sufferers that can tell me its ok to take them so I can stop looking at the box and get on with the rest of my life hopefully less fearful and enjoying life more.

Thanks in advance to responses everything and anything would be a great help now.