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Thread: Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

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    Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

    Hi everyone

    I am on day 3 of pregabalin 150mg, I take 50mg 3 times a day, so morning,afternoon and before bed.
    I am taking them for anxiety.

    I also take 15mg escitalopram daily for depression.

    I suffer from long term-anxiety, depression and anorexia.

    Day 1- I actually felt good, maybe placebo effect but had a good day
    Day 2- felt ok, apart from feeling like a had low blood pressure, light headed and felt hot
    Day 3- felt very drowsy,lightheaded, I've stayed in bed nearly all day.

    I've had this med prescribed before but didn't take it as I was scared of the side effects, but my anxiety is so high at the moment,I am willing to try it to help with my daily panic, so I am actually giving this med a good go, I know there probably will be some side effects, but unless they are too difficult to cope with, I am going to go with them.

    I am mainly sacred of the risk of weight gain. When I was on olanzapine, I gained two stone in two months, that freaked me out so much I stopped taking them.

    I will try and update about how these meds are working for me x

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    Re: Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

    Hi Gummymummy,

    Good luck with pregabalin - I hope it works for you.

    What you describe sounds hopeful. You will probably need up to four weeks to know if it's working for you.

    Weight gain is a problem for some people. My advice is to weigh yourself now and write the weight down somewhere. Check back every week or so. If the weight's going up, you'll have a chance to take action while it's not too late.

    Again, good luck. Pregabalin's effects are subtle. It doesn't stop all anxiety. Based on my own experience and comments from other posters to NMP, you know it's working when you are in a situation that would normally make you anxious, and nothing happens.

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    Re: Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

    Good luck!

    My weight gain was ,I believe, due to water retention which is a known SE of pregabalin.
    So I stopped eating bread,pasta and ensured I drank lots of fluids (which strangely helps get rid of water retention).
    My weight has now dropped back to almost the same as before pregabalin.

    I am on 400mgs a day.


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    Re: Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

    Thanks for messages of support/advice, they are really helpful.

    So far I think it's too early to have kicked in, I actually feel more anxious than before but I guess this is a normal symptom when starting new meds.

    I have been waking up during the night feeling flustered and panicky.

    Also my foot movements/tapping is constant, so I know I am still very anxious.

    Still early days, but I hope I feel alot less on edge soon.

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    Re: Day 3 pregabalin 150mg

    Hang in there!

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