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Thread: Stopping drinking, stopping caffeine.

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    Stopping drinking, stopping caffeine.

    From today.
    I am going to stop caffeine (tea, coffee and coca cola)
    And stop alcohol. As I'm worried I've damaged my liver, I've been drunk no more than twenty times but at the weekend I have at least one drink.
    I've had two this weekend, a tiger beer and a jd a coke .
    I am scared I've damaged my liver by doing so , so from now on it stops!
    I don't think about it in the week so why do I need a drink on the weekend?! I don't.
    Also going to see if limiting caffeine helps me aswell.

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    Re: Stopping drinking, stopping caffeine.

    hello there, i am assuming you are probably quite young, i dont know why i am assuming this!! i think this is a good thing you are doing it cant hurt can it, and it will make you feel so much better, i sure you are ok but you are adding years to your life by cutting out the booze so good luck to you and blessings

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