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Thread: Pen-pal safety on NMP

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    Pen-pal safety on NMP

    Just a quick reminder about a few things in the Pen-Pals Forum (and PM’s in general)

    No More Panic has a “NO under 18’s” policy in the pen pal forum, this is to protect the members, if any under 18’s are found to be posting in the forum then the post will be removed and the member PM’d

    Disclosing personal information on the internet is dangerous. Never give out your address, phone number, or other information that would allow someone to find you unless you completely trust the person you are talking too, even if you do please be careful.

    Remember that some people online are not who they claim to be. Be cautious.

    Never agree to meet anyone alone if you do intend to meet someone you have ‘met’ on No More Panic then please be very cautious and take someone with you.

    YOU are completely responsible for any information which you may give out by PM or on a thread, No More Panic is not responsible in any way should you choose to give out personal information.

    No More Panic is an open site which means that ANYONE can read the posts on it; think about this before deciding what would be suitable information to add to a thread.

    No More Panic does not condone cybersex and sexually explicit messages in any way, there is no need for it on an anxiety website. If anyone is found to break this rule then we reserve the right to ban the member(s) involved without warning. There are plenty of other means to talk in this way, Skype, Facebook etc.

    We would urge any of our members who find themselves receiving correspondence of an abusive or harassing nature to notify us, so we can take the appropriate action i.e., banning or warning the member.

    Any medical advice given to you via a ‘pen-pal’ on NMP is in no way the responsibility of NMP and it is totally up to you if you follow it in any way.

    Above all use your own intuition, if things don't seem right then they probably aren't.
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    Emmz xx

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    Re: Pen-pal safety on NMP

    Brilliant post, with brilliant safety tips Emmz

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    Re: Pen-pal safety on NMP

    Nice post and thanks for telling this i will remember this.


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