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Thread: Healthy Eating

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    Re: Healthy Eating

    Good idea reviving this one Annie.

    I probably hd 5. Salad at lunchtime & veggies tonight.
    I resisted eating naughty food at work today.

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    Re: Healthy Eating

    Alma that is brilliant making your own drinks.
    Tessar I needed to revive this one for the winter!
    I haven't done too good today...only 2 portions :(

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    Re: Healthy Eating

    I have had one of my drinks today it consisted of cabbage, radish with tops, pear and watercress. It looked disgusting but did not taste that bad really. So it's 4 for me today.

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    I have a book with these recipes in , don't want people thinking I would put stuff like this together normally!!

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    Re: Healthy Eating

    1 for me today, I am doing rubbish with this at the moment. Must buy some fruit when I go shopping.

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    Re: Healthy Eating

    In the Middle East Nutritionists - They describe a great food for us to eat a healthy food completely and useful to the body and to burn fat that the desire to know the diet you can comment and asked for it and I will come back for you

  6. Re: Healthy Eating

    Fruit Juice is my all day as well as all time favo!

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