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Thread: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

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    Learn a New Language! (Distraction)


    (post count is too low to post links, hehe)
    I only came across this website the other day. It's quite fun, helpful, easy to understand, you can learn at your own pace and it's free. (i'm not being sponsored to post this! )
    I read that taking up a hobby is very helpful to those who suffer from panic and anxiety so maybe this can help keep you occupied on doing something else.

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    I agree. I'm trying to learn Japanese, at my age (59). There are two thousand characters to learn for the written language. I do not think I will succeed! Nevertheless, I find it quite comforting to dip into my reading textbook and see those little squares of barbed-wire open up like flowers, and give up their meaning.

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Love learning languages trying again to learn Welsh, I previously did 2 years before the company who provided the courses started charging by half year, so instead of paying 15 for a full years course it became 15 for half a year so 30 a year plus a 10 course book and 5 CD became too pricey. So im learning at home instead xx

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Huge thanks for this! Try to learn Spanish

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Enjoy its a lovely language xx

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Love it. So easy to use.
    But the only problem is it's sometimes requiring me to write in the language that I'm learning. !!

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Huge thanks for this!

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Learning new languages is my passion!
    Now trying my best in learning french.

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    Re: Learn a New Language! (Distraction)

    Great topic! I'm learning Polish and this is very challenging, the best way of course is to live in Poland for a few months.

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