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Thread: Self irritated colon

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    Self irritated colon

    Hi all !

    I have that OCD thing about bowels.

    Is it possible to irritate your colon (lower left) by always palping it like 50 times a day ? At the end of the day it was a bit sensitive to the touch. And the next morning loose BM ... So i'm starting to think I am creating my own problem.

    When I'm nervous I tend to palpate more ...

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    Re: Self irritated colon

    Blimey. 50 times a day? Why are you 'palping' it - what are you hoping to achieve? If you were pressing on any area that often I think you'd cause soreness. I don't know if it could directly cause loose stools but it could definitely contribute to somewhat upsetting the natural rhythm of the movements of your guts (and that's what's messed up in people with conditions like IBS, and can result in loose stools). But anxiety causes looser stools as well, so if the 'palping' also coincides with being anxious, that also won't help.

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