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Thread: Panic about planes and war

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    Panic about planes and war

    Hi my names Beth n I really need some help. My anxiety is spiralling out of control. Every time I hear a plane I panic and I think it's going to drop a bomb. If I think we are going to war I have panic attacks.

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    Re: Panic about planes and war

    Hi Beth, I had the same problem when the twin towers were blown up. at that time my children were babies. i would watch the news and sit in my bedroom and ruminate on what could be, what if, should i move to the countryside. i would ask countless people if we were going to war, feel on constant edge, scared of planes or any bangs outside my house. my life was on pause, living in a constant state of panic, anxiety and stress.
    In the end i stopped watching the TV or listening to the news and asked people if mentioned not to talk about war. I started college and preoccupied my time in productive thinking. unfortunately though i didnt go to my GP.
    That was over 12years ago now, and there was no war then, or as now. The problem with anxiety is it changes it face and can manifest and alter, as i am having a serious health anxiety at present, and only recently seen my GP regarding this issue. So i would advise to seek GP help now and dont leave it as anxiety is a continuous battle.

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