Hay everyone.

So it seems citalopram was not the right medication for me. Shortly after I increased my dosage to 20 mg I started getting mania, I couldn't sleep as much as usual, racing thoughts, fast heartbeat, endless energy ect...

Anyway I was told to stop taking citalopram right away! So that was 3 days ago. I've been feeling myself getting back little by little mentally. My thoughts have slowed down and I can control them somewhat again.

What I would like to ask is. Is it normal to wake up feeling cold? I sleep with a thick blanket and I can feel the warmth under the blanket. Still I feel cold in my body My hands and feet go from hot to cold many times a day and I'm sweating like a pig over next to no exertion.

Is it possible to get withdrawals on day 2 when going off cold turkey?

Btw, don't worry I'm supposed to start taking 10mg cit again tomorrow to taper off.

I'm freaking out over here!