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Thread: One for the guys

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    One for the guys

    This may be an odd question. Overall I am feeling much better and more positive after visiting the GP this morning. However as I explained to the GP my body is on red alert, i am noticing every conceivable bump, lump and anything else!

    I have noticed that one of my testicles is about 75% the size of the other one. They both feel normal and smooth, and their usual squishy selves, but as this insidious thing HA is, my brain has hooked onto the fact that it is something sinister. Ironically I have had two testicular ultrasounds over the years (last one about ten years ago) as I have a cyst on one of them but no other problems.

    Is a significant size difference normal so to speak?

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    Re: One for the guys

    Yes, is quite normal, our bodies are very rarely symmetrical. Not having personal knowledge of your nads, but I imagine they have always been like that, and you are just noticing it now. Unless there is any significant new lumps or bumps you notice then they should be fine

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    Re: One for the guys

    Hi Mike - I suspect you are right. This insidious thing called HA gets in the way of logic doesn't it. Am much more relaxed today with my uneven bits and bobs - may mention it in passing to my GP next time I am there.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: One for the guys

    it's totally normal!!
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    Re: One for the guys

    Hi hun

    You have had some great advice already, as always

    It is important to get to know our own bodies, what is normal, FOR YOU.

    When I was acute, I never had health anxiety, but there where times when I thought Mmm whats that bump, so I made sure I knew every inch of myself,what was normal for ME.

    I think its important to know about panic/anxiety, but whats i just as important, is getting to know YOURSELF,

    You take care

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    Re: One for the guys

    Quote Originally Posted by cpe1978 View Post
    Is a significant size difference normal so to speak?
    Absolutely normal... just like a girls "girlz" are rarely the same size
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