Over the past few months I've been finding my job really stressful cos we were being overworked. I found myself crying a lot at work & home & feeling low & anxious all the time. A few weeks ago I made the decision to see my Dr & he signed me off with work-related stress. My manager was really awful with me on the phone & made me think that I could be sacked when I return if I wasn't capable. These past few days I've felt better in myself & ready to go back but then my work colleague told me that one of my supervisors who she has as a Facebook friend has been snooping on her account to see if she can find any conversations between us talking about work, there's none cos it's all done via PM of course.
This has now set me back & I've been crying all night cos I'm so worried they want rid of me now & are just looking for reasons. I called them today to say I'll be back next week but now I feel like I'm back like I felt before I got signed off :(. The job is stressing me out too much but it's gonna be hard to get something else but I don't want to be dismissed.