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Thread: Anyone else feel they are such a bad person?

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    Anyone else feel they are such a bad person?

    Every time I think I have beaten this anxiety and depression, something seems to trigger and I am back to thinking that I am bad, useless, worthless.

    It mostly now is transitory, and after a day or so it picks up. And then I think it won't happen again and then it does.

    I didn't have CBT in the end because I went back to work and it didn't fit in, but now I know I could adjust my hours to do it. I wonder if it would be worthwhile?

    I want to find a way to come to terms with these feelings, not sure if it's possible. Medication has helped me so much, but the thoughts don't go away and at some point I need to learn to live with them I suppose.

    Does anyone else feel this way?
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    Re: Anyone else feel they are such a bad person?

    You are so NOT a bad, useless or worthless person hun, please believe that.

    I have had CBT and I think it will be really useful for you if you can manage it.

    I tackled these same feelings with my therapist and in that particular exercise we made lists of why I felt these things, what evidence did I have to support what I felt and then a list of reasons to show it wasn't true.

    It is possible to change your thinking patterns, for example if someone came to you and said the same thing, what evidence would you have to show them that they are not? That is the kind of thinking you must apply to yourself.

    Sending you a big hug you are not alone and I am sure that your friends and family would never see you in this way.

    Kitti xx
    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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    Re: Anyone else feel they are such a bad person?

    Yes I feel like this, I recover to a certain point, then try to do something to push myself, then get anxious in the situation and then beat myself up about it and feel like giving up.

    I also hate being around others who are happy, even my own sisters, one of them is expecting a baby and I am quite bitter about how her life is and how mine is. I can't help feeling like that, I know I shaped my own life. I made my own misery and now its so difficult to get out of it.

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    Re: Anyone else feel they are such a bad person?

    Hm, must be tricky ._.

    With me, I try to live my life for me and not really care what others think of me. My life is my own, at the end of the day!

    I think people often live their lives thinking a lot about how others perceive them and... I think it's probably better to just live for you!

    Self acceptance is probably the largest part of this

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