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    Tv Shows or Movies

    Can anyone here shed some light on the weird sensation i am having when watching tv or movies. Anything with action, or something like Law and Order ( i only watched for 5 minuets) Causes me to become very uncomfortable and i can feel a panic attack coming on: I have not gone full panic yet because of it because i turn the channel or shut it off!

    Is this just adrenalin and because i am anxious/panic prone it effects me differently?

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    Re: Tv Shows or Movies

    Hi cactusjohn5,

    I think this is due to an over-stimulated nervous system and doubtless is like you say related to excess adrenaline.

    I also believe this is quite common. I get this too. When my anxiety is through the roof I cannot stand noisy stuff on tv, or action movies. I also have to have the volume really low as it sets me on edge if it is too loud.

    Very weird I know, but you're not alone.

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    Re: Tv Shows or Movies

    thanks! Yes i have been in a "heightened state" for almost 2 weeks now, i am brand new to anxiety and no medications, so i am learning what is a trigger and what i need to avoid right now.

    WE ARE NOT ALONE! i tell myself that everyday.

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