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Thread: Blood test results scared

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    Blood test results scared

    Hi i just phoned the doctors surgery for blood test results and the receptionist said they were satisfactory, when i asked about my daughters results she said they were normal. Now i am scared is it the same thing or is there a problem with mine. What does satisfactory actually mean? I keep thinking something is wrong. I had to demand a blood test as i have felt rough. Because i suffer with anxiety my doctors think everything is in my head. I get panic attacks and palpatations and worry all the time .

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    Re: Blood test results scared

    It might just be what the doctor has chosen to write - might not mean anything significant at all. Satisfactory must at least mean there's nothing really bad in them or they wouldn't have been satisfactory! At worst I'd say maybe they showed some things that were at the upper or lower end of 'normal' rather than 'perfect', or that something was a bit low/high but it's easily explained. I don't know what tests you had done, obviously, but for instance you might have had a raised white blood cell count but given that the world and his wife have got a cold at the moment, that's probably explained by a minor infection; or they might have tested your iron levels and found that your ferritin was a bit low (very common) but everything else was fine.

    But I think there's a good chance that 'satisfactory' and 'normal' might actually mean the same thing!

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    Re: Blood test results scared

    Satisfactory: sat·is·fac·to·ry adjective \ˌsa-təs-ˈfak-t(ə-)rē\
    : good enough for a particular purpose

    In other words.... normal
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    Re: Blood test results scared

    The doctor was probably sick of writing normal and decided to switch it up a bit. If you look in a thesaurus satisfactory is under normal as an alternative word. In short - there's nothing to worry about they were NORMAL

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    Re: Blood test results scared

    If they had any concerns about your results, they would have asked you to see the doctor.....I would think???

    Satisfactory is what it is...satisfactory, which means.. not an issue.

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    Re: Blood test results scared

    I think they mean roughly the same think, I remember my last blood tests the receptionist told me on the phone that they were 'satisfactory and no further action required' , any concerns at all and you are asked to make an appointment to see the GP and as you wasn't then all must be fine. x

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