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Thread: Cant handle anymore

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    Cant handle anymore

    Tonight I'm going to do it. Hopefully this time it will be enough to take me away forever

    Don't wana live anymo

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    I know its hard, but please dont give up , if it doesnt feel like its for yourself, think of family friends cousins who look up to you! think about the effect it will have on them, allow them to keep you strong!
    it will get better, depending on what type of anxiety you suffer from, but we all understand exactly how your feeling, in a way that friends and family cannot. I also feel very alone at times and scared about what will happen in the future, but i know that it will get better, having HA has made me value healthy lifes so much more. Theres so much to live for, my fear of dying which is out of my control made me realise that life is precious. Life is always worth living

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    That feeling will change. 'I want to live life' will take over from 'Don't want to live no more'. It will happen. Give it time.

    Reach out to people. There are almost certainly telephone talk lines where you are. Call and talk to someone. It's the beginning of a new life.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    Sorry to hear you're feeling so low at the moment. Please don't give up - help is available. I've found this website listing crisis helplines in South Africa:

    I presume you're already receiving help from your doctor with regards your anxiety?

    Take care.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    Hi, we have all been there where it feels like it's never ending, but life can and will be good. Just try and get the right support. Friends, family or even strangers are there if you ask.
    Try a helpline for when your in crisis.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    I'm not sure you would be telling people if that's what you really intended to do.

    But definitely use any support that's out there in SA, you don't have to face this alone.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    Hi Raphaels,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am with my pastor for counselling. I told him I don't wana live anymore. I'm sorry but that's the way I feel.

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    Hi Sparkle,

    Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the number in South Africa.

    I am with my pastor for counselling yes.

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    If I knew, drinking a lot of pills will surely take me away and not just make me sick, I would have done it.

    Maybe I wana hurt people as they hurt me.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore


    I'm in South Africa too. Am around if you want to chat - any time!

    Things can always be fixed, even though they seem really hard. Nothing's impossible.
    I best get busy living, been a long time gone...
    Pieces of Sky - Beth Orton

    It will be sunny, one day.

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    Re: Cant handle anymore

    Hi Ally

    If I may ask, where in South Africa are you staying?

    I'm in Gauteng.

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