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Thread: Amitriptyline side effects

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    Amitriptyline side effects

    Over the course of this summer and into autumn I developed an increasing health anxiety re: my heart, I was experiencing pain twinges in my chest and left arm and increasingly a fast heart rate.

    Initially these palpitations seemed to occur irregularly but increased to whereby I was experiencing almost daily.

    I had ecgs and blood tests but everything came back normal. About 3 weeks ago my doctor prescribed 10-20mg of amitriptyline per day for my anxiety. But I've just realised that one of the side effects of this drug is palpitations.

    Should I even be on this medication in light of this?

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    Re: Amitriptyline side effects

    Only your GP can tell you this, but if you've had heart problems ruled out then the only problem that drug-related palpitations would cause is an increase in your anxiety if you don't believe the test results (and I know that's how HA can work).

    Everyone's different of course but I found amit to have the lowest side effect profile of any AD I've tried, even better than mirt as there's no weight gain.

    Just dry mouth (quite bad at times) and a wee bit of dizziness for me - and I'm on up to 100mg a day.
    Daily Medication for GAD: Amitriptyline 25mg and Mirtazapine 15mg

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