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Thread: Recovering from GAD

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    Recovering from GAD

    Hi all,
    I know there is a real need for reassurance when anxious but I wanted to ask again for some advise.
    I don't think I really get panic attacks and I try not to avoid carrying on with normal life. I do however swing from either feeling reasonably good and relaxed to days when I get anxious and stay anxious all day.
    When I have a bad day, I seem to forget the good day even if it was just yesterday. I am very aware that my mind turns inward and although I do my best to accept the feelings and thoughts, after several hours of churning stomach with the occasional burst as thoughts come and go , I always seem to reach the point where it seems to be going on too long and I do stop accepting. Of course then it gets worse. It always feels so unfair that there seems to be little reward for doing the best I can to relax and allow the feelings which are very uncomfortable.
    I know my thoughts are also distorted when I feel anxious and it takes some mental effort to try to stay away from following these thoughts and worrying .
    I try and keep things simple... To try and remember that these things do pass, and I try not to be too frightened by the way I feel, but once again today I have been feeling this way now for about 8 hours and it starts to wear me down.
    I know that accepting means not caring whether the feelings are there or not but I wonder how possible this really is. I can certainly do this for a while but it would help me to believe that this works if there was a bit of pay off.
    Distraction doesn't really work for me and I do worry that my body is not healing and calming down, losing its sensitisation if you will when I feel anxiety all day like this.
    Are we saying that you are still recovering even if your body is strung out like this all day?
    I am also aware that some positive thoughts can really help. I can suddenly change to a more lighter mood if I think I am coping well and will be OK, but the churning carries on and on and on...!
    I don't really know why I posted this... It's almost that I am constantly looking for someone to give me one thought that I can believe in and hold on to until the feelings fade a little and I can see an end to it.
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    Re: Recovering from GAD

    That's where determination and persistence comes in. When you are having a bad day you have to not let it get to you. Plough on, distract your mind with hobbies or tasks, anything that's taxing on the mind. Remind yourself that you CAN have a good day, they happen and they will happen again. It also means getting on with things, even when your body is screaming at you to stop. I used to get awful anxiety when going to work or travelling too far away on my home but I pushed through the anxiety, and eventually it subsides. It's not easy, but you feel awesome afterwards.
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    Re: Recovering from GAD

    Thanks Rennie,
    I think that is why yesterday was good and today is not so good. Yesterday I was committed to being out all day at my local sports club. It helped me to feel normal, and although I passed through a couple of dodgy moments, it was a really good day. Today should be a nice restful day with nothing much to do, and so I am able to focus on anxiety which I know is not good. I just don't want to have to keep rushing around trying to find distractions. It can be exhausting.
    You sound like you have got this thing cracked. That's excellent. I have read many of your posts and they are always helpful and enlightening.
    I suppose I can accept that there can be hard days like this when my mind is on myself and I have little interest in things as long as I know that the journey is still the right one.
    I am very aware that a lot of people on the forum are in greater difficulty than me, and my heart goes out to them. I am close to getting better I think. I am doing CBT and determined to practice acceptance even if I am very unsure about how successful I am with it. I suppose if it was easy or you got quick rewards then so many wouldn't suffer.

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