Since I started my period , I remember having the 2nd and the 3rd day being heavy. Now I am 35, have had 3 pregnancies. Since 2011, after I stopped taking Yaz , I noticed a change in my cycle. 2nd day of the period is heavy, I definitely have one pad that is entirely red (its the night time pad), I feel a gush coming out and after that I must go to the toilet and the pad isnt white any more but its just one pad on the 2nd day. I dont change pads every 2 hours, cycle is 6 days long where I have really less to nothing on the 6th day. I do have clots too, they are usually on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th day. Clots are large in size , not the coin size but much larger than that.
This started in 2011, now in November 2013, I had a blood test done because I changed doctors and they noticed my HB being normal but Ferritin below very low and I was sent to the gynecologist . He looked at my history, I asked him millions of questions as I do have health anxiety. I asked him about Von Willebrand disease which he ruled out . I have had a smear test done in October this year (the planned one) and the result was normal. The gynecologist did the ultrasound but since I had my 2nd of period, he could not see much. He did say that he saw no bigger fibroids. But he postponed the further look as the period was hindering his view. So he said we will do the ultrasound when you are off your period next week but he said general outlook, I see no major issues.

Today I started reading on internet..... something I should not do and I am reading about endometreosis, I am reading about polyps......... I am reading about just alot of things and worrying myself.

Question: Are clots normal on the frequency that I mentioned above? Can i regard it heavy bleeding what I mentioned above?? Are these polyps dangerous?? In the first ultrasound of yesterday, though they didnt see smaller things but polyps could have been noticed , I guess?? They said we see no bigger things like larger fibroids.. They werent even mentioning polyps. its only that I now read it and am getting worried. Can polyps be detected in smear test??

Would highly appreciate responses...