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Thread: Heart flutters - propranolol

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    Re: Heart flutters - propranolol

    Quote Originally Posted by Loulia View Post
    Hi I've been getting constant fluttery palpitations throughout the day for past 6 months I've had all tests and my heart is fine? But I can't get rid of these flutters

    I went back to doc as it's really annoying me now and he gave me propranolol to take, I've never took this before and I read side effects and it says it can slow your heart right down and I'm sooo paranoid to take them!

    Anyone else take these tablets or have found a solution to their palps! It's getting me down
    Hi I get flutters to but since taking propranolol I get them every min. They dont thud as much but they are anoying. Doc not to bothered.

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    Re: Heart flutters - propranolol

    Hi I am new to these forums but desperate for some help. I am currently taking 3x40 propranolol a day which is helping my heart stop racing but not helping reduce other physical debilitating symptoms of anxiety. Do you think a higher dose would help and if so how much can you take in one dose ?
    I have recently reduced mirtazipine I think too quickly and am getting horrendous with draw
    Please can anybody help me. My friend suggested cannabis oil. Has anybody tried it
    Thanks you

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    Re: Heart flutters - propranolol

    There are a few posts re CBD oil:

    Why did you reduce Mirtazapine? I wouldn't increase Prop any further because of unwanted side effects like low BP/dizziness etc. You might benefit from another class of med, so I would discuss this with your doc.

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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