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Thread: Day 7 blues

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    Day 7 blues

    So day seven of taking this pill and feel worse , lost 6 pound as don't feel like eating and not really sleeping :( is it really worth me carrying on taking them ?

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    Most of these side effects disappear around 4-6 weeks, when the meds kick in. Of course, if you feel you can manage drug-free then by all means go for it Zero side effects that way.

    If you feel you need medication, but find the side effects hard to cope with, you could start on a low dose and titrate up slowly. You can cut a 10mg tablet in two and have 5mg a day if things are really bad.
    Today's mood rating - calculation in progress.

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    Re: Day 7 blues


    I had exactly the same in the beginning. 7 days is incredibly early for you to be feeling any positive effects. Citalopram took a month to work for me and I'm still a bit up and down.

    Maybe you can ask your gp for some extra support in the first few weeks like I had to.


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    Re: Day 7 blues

    Definitely carry on with them!!
    I'm on day 5 now of 20mg, so I'm only 2 days behind you, Tristan.

    Think positively, if you can, about taking them. They won't cure the anxiety but they'll take the edge off it. As for the sleeping, I have exactly the same problem. My first day I was up for 27 hours straight after taking one. It worked better for me to take them in the morning, at about 11, so I could keep busy in the daytime and keep my mind off the side effects. You could try that? Though be careful about dosage.

    I'm now sleeping ok and forcing myself to try and carry on with life as normal, even though I've been signed off work sick. You could try walking outside and get some daylight vitamin D? That's really helping me and the only time my head actually feels clear.

    Please keep with it! The alternative is to carry on as usual without trying...have hope xx

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    I am still working at the moment but getting harder as time goes on think I am getting the affects of coming off other pills too , seem to be going to the toilet a lot today for some reason and just feel scared , what other support did you have ?

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    I've had mild depression and anxiety for years but recently started with full blown panic attacks too. I can rationally pinpoint a deterioration in my condition back to my mum dying two years ago and starting a job shortly afterwards.

    I've been on beta blockers for the anxiety for a couple of weeks, but still had a massive panic attack in work the week before last. It was then that my doctor prescribed me citalopram and has made a referral for me to go to CBT.

    I've had support from my husband, sister and friends, but other than that it's mind over matter and going it alone. It's terrifying having panic attacks and constantly living in a state of high anxiety is taking its toll, so suffering the side effects of the cit is well worth the hope of bring able to function normally again.

    Stick with it, have hope, let us know how you get on. X

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    Can't function today and the anxiety feelings are not good but guess it gets worse b4 it gets better , been a bad year for me and worried about feeling this way for Xmas :(

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    Tristan - how are you feeling today?

    Christmas will be difficult, but I'm sure it will be lovely for you.

    I've been researching SSRI drugs on the net and looking at how they work. They stop serotonin being reabsorbed in the brain as they block the receptor sites at the end of neurones. This means you should stay happier for longer. So what we actually need to do is get you making serotonin in the first place! So here's a list of things you could try to help you make some serotonin:

    Eat protein in your diet - serotonin is made of something called tryptophan. Tryptophan is found in proteins so technically eating them should give you the blocks for building more serotonin.

    Exercise boosts serotonin so even a 10 min walk could get some serotonin being released!

    No caffeine or alcohol, or you could get stuck in a stimulant-depressant cycle trying to find a balance between the two.

    Bananas - contain serotonin, eat some! It may help with the levels in your brain, and it may not. But give it a go and see

    I hope you don't think any of this is patronising? Just wondered how you were getting on and hoped that some if this may help!

    Take care x

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    Having a really bad time of ot at moment but think its due to me coming off other pills , can't relax and keep getting weird feeling going through my body ;( how you getting on with yours ?

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    Re: Day 7 blues

    I think it's helping with me not being in work to be honest.
    Managing to sleep at night now and gave got up and dressed which is a start! I'm not feeling sick or anything any more, but I'm still feeling anxious about things. The difference is that instead of my anxiety turning into full blown panic attacks, I'm managing to think myself out of it now and do some deep breathing to calm myself down.

    Have you tried asking your doctor to be signed off for a while? Or do you think that work is a good distraction for you? It may be a combination of you coming off the other meds and the side effects from the citalopram too.

    I hope your day gets better x

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