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Thread: Starting to feel it

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    Starting to feel it

    I haven't had panic symptoms in a long time (praise the Lord) but tonight I started thinking about next week when I have my cholesterol screening. Last time I had it done in 2011, Triglycerides were in the 400's. Doctor was not impressed. I've fixed my lifestyle since then and have been taking vitamins and herbs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I've been feeling great and have been exercising an hour or more a day. Have lost 30 lbs! Woo hoo!

    But tonight I pondered it, and a lady who works at the ER came in and I helped her at work and it brought back a memory of when I went in and she took my BP and it was sky high, 160 something over 100. She said "wooo, that's high". And then later on tonight I started getting my dull/achy chest pains.

    So I'm fighting it off but for those who are unfamiliar I have cardiac fears. I'm only 26 and I'm taking the right steps, but I just need some support and reassurance to beat this thing while it's still mild. Help me to douse that fire.

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    Re: Starting to feel it

    I don't know your medical history but I will say this. In terms of statistics there are not many people that walk this earth that have had heart attack at 26.. or even in there 20's or even in there 30's. I know it may not be the best reassurance as I am in my 30's and I too struggle to convince myself that chest pains are anxiety and not the onset of something more sinister but these are the facts. I remember going to my Dr as I was convinced I had a blocked artery he said " I been doing this job for over 30 years and I never seen anyone in there 30's suffer from a blocked artery" Still took weeks to convince myself that he was right. You have to tell yourself that you are taking the right steps that you have been advised to do that is the best thing you can do.

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