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    Has it stopped working or need higher dose?

    I have been taking citalopram 20mg for just over 6 weeks now for panic disorder and depression I started seeing some improvements in about the 4th week and I'm not half as panicky and anxious as I was before so I see it's taking the edge off my anxiety but I sometimes still feel down depressed and still a bit anxious in shops and on my own so I was just wondering do u think it might have stopped working as well as it was or do I need to give it more time as it's just over 6 weeks or do you think I may need to go up to 30 or 40mg?? Any advice would be really greatful thanks x

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    Re: Has it stopped working or need higher dose?

    I'm in pretty much the same boat as you - 20mg and into Week 7. Feels like I'm skimming the edge of the anxiety but not killed it.

    I've seen some big improvements in general and if I'm doing the same old routine - get up, go to work, days work, come home, relax I'm generally fine.

    But if I have any high stress situations, changes in routine, I just totally meltdown (like this morning). With Christmas coming and lots of obligations to the family that's gotten even worse.

    My doctor (and I strongly recommend speak with yours before making any dose changes) has recommended I go to 30mg, but with so much going on I'm reluctant to bring back the startup symptoms again by changing dose until next year so I think I'm a bit stuck.

    Temptation to go out and buy a big bottle of vodka right now is about 9/10. For this reason there's no diazepam for me either.

    I'm speaking with my therapist on 26th although she was keen not to see me go to 30mg - I need to ask more closely why this was the case though.

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    Also the author of the citalopram survival guide struggled on 20mg before moving to 30mg.

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    Re: Has it stopped working or need higher dose?

    I was on 20mg for just over five weeks & when I told my doctor on Wednesday that it just wasn't working for me at all & I was still finding it very hard to cope, he suggested doubling the dose to 40mg for a few weeks before trying something else.

    I was expecting to have a repeat of the initial side effects, but instead started to feel improvments by the next day. Whilst I still feel quite depressed & emotionally fragile, I am much better than I was at the beginning of the week (when I was almost permanently on the verge of tears) & that is after only four days on the higher dose.

    Everyone's body chemistry is different, but for me at least the difference between 20mg & 40mg seems to be pretty much night & day. I've read accounts of people saying 40mg made them feel like a zombie, but I just unexpectedly feel more balanced & in control, rather than an emotional wreck.

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