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Thread: Musings: The Dragon Within

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    Re: Musings: The Dragon Within

    hey hey hey...

    I am not going to let this little reunion pass without popping in my head!

    Congratulations to the new marriage, to the anniversary of a loving relationship and to having the courage to come to this place to speak to others about your suffering and fears!

    For it does take courage to openly speak about what we experience.

    Sue - your words also touched me deep. For I believe accepting the setbacks is perhaps part of the whole process and should not be neglected.

    I too had several setbacks the last months. Being on holiday also set me off and as usual, enjoying the extra cappuccino and glass of wine did not help me at all. Now I am also again clearing the way for myself to go forward. Not easy but I do so so so hope to grow stronger with each attempt.

    My husband once told me that I have to accept myself for who I am. I shrugged his advice off and thought that after six months, a year, surely I will be my old self again. Which I am in fact, but not without panic disorder. Not without a new approach to life.

    As soon as I neglect my approach and things get hectic...then I tumble down that deep dark well again and end up feeling miserable and very much alone (to quote TMT). I often check up in the forum but seldom post. I guess I need the essence or reminder that I am not fighting alone.

    Alas, the truth is I am trying to accept myself. I want to change the things I can and work on it.

    Keep us updated if you like. I hope your anniversary celebrations was pleasant!


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    Re: Musings: The Dragon Within

    Hello TMT hope your moving forward and staying strong
    dont panic ,put the kettle on

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    Re: Musings: The Dragon Within


    I agree with you. Once the Panic/Anxiety attacks hit you then there is no way that you can stop it. I found out that the best cure for this is reassurance that you still have your friends and family around you and supports you. Don't give up you are not alone. I was able to managed my attacks by facing my fear and deal with it. Do some deep breathing exercise that can help you relax. Our brain is very powerful, if we think of happy thoughts and positive outlook it life we can attack positive energy as well.

    Best of Luck,


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    Re: Musings: The Dragon Within

    Good morning, Dragon Slayers!
    Wow. I am currently walking through the beginning of taming the dragon with a dear friend. This site came to mind to share with her, and prompted me to go back and read through the thread in entirety.
    Goodness. Saying how far I have come, and how intense the journey has been...would be an understatement!
    I am wondering about the many friends that walked along side me during that time, and I am also wanting to post in this thread in that hopes that new friends may be helped in their journey.
    I will be popping back on here more often, and will give a more thorough update later.
    Much love to all of you warriors today!
    Too Much

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    Re: Musings: The Dragon Within

    Been on NMP for years. Never seen this post. Having a good old read through now thanks
    All thoughts are my own. I write a blog: Irrational Brain

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