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Thread: new, xmas sucked really badly...

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    new, xmas sucked really badly...

    hey nmp, well... just got through my first xmas alone, wow... honestly, it really sucked, hopefully looking forward to a new year ??? but I cant see it happening anytime soon, too much work, and too many hassles, just looking to connect with other people so we can groan together, maybe ??

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    Re: new, xmas sucked really badly...

    Hi Paul,
    Not long joined myself, welcome. I have had a lousy xmas too, health
    worries .
    But like you I have also spent xmas on my own. in the past, I know what
    you mean.
    Then again another way off looking at it, you can watch what telly you like,
    eat when you like, go to bed , in other words do what you want to do. no
    cooking big meals for people. etc. ,
    Anyway they are a nice bunch of people here.
    Take care
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    Smile Re: new, xmas sucked really badly...

    thanks annie ended up wandering in the mountains of wales, turned out pretty invigorating actually, done some good and took my mind away for a bit
    That's it, I'm outie...
    here, tell these people something they don't know about me...

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