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Thread: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    Hi Terry - I had no start-up effects with Amit (maybe just a slightly dry mouth), so I am hoping that perhaps the same will be true of withdrawal side effects. I only plan to start withdrawal when Ron is at home for a couple of weeks, and when the reasons for the anxiety have abated - so it is not going to happen just yet.

    As you know, I managed to withdraw from Mirtazapine without too many problems and I am hoping the same will be true of the Amit. BUT, until I can feel happy that my sleep is regulated (and I know that is not really the case just yet), I won't do anything.

    Hope everything is okay with you Terry.

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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    Maybe it depends on what dose you're on ... I take 10mgs Doxepin which is a cousin of Ami, and have no problem with withdrawal symptoms at all when I have a break from it.
    I'm on a low dose for CFS which is an autoimmune condition.

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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    Thanks sandie, yes I'm ok, just all the usual really.

    That sounds very sensible. Given the easy start up, it does look very hopeful for an easy withdrawal. I hope it is anyway. You will probably notice anything as soon as you mess with the dose but the real test can be when you take the last one away with some of these meds or when you get to lower doses. I would be hopeful for a good withdrawal though given a good start up, my start ups are always horrendous and the withdrawals far easier.
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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    Hi, I too have just started to come off amitriptyline. Ive been on 10/20mg for the past 5 years and have now taken the decision to stop. Firstly I reduced to 10 MG for a couple of weeks, then I cut the pills in half for a week. Now I have been off completely for 5 days. I don't feel great, on and off nausea and headaches and I feel so tired all the time, but currently its bearable. Im hoping that the withdrawal symptoms will begin to lessen over the next few days. I'll try and update you on my progress. I imagine it may take a while due to the length of time ive been on these meds.

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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    For me a gradual taper and not missing doses has made the withdrawal easier to deal with even so I get terrible blood pressure spikes, nuero symptoms, headache and extreme fatigue, which lasts just over two weeks then I start feeling better and my moods stabilize. I taper by 2.5mg at a time, have read that 10% tapering is the easiest, and you need to be patient. It has taken me nearly 6 mmonths, and am in withdrawal at the moment have a week and a half to go, then I am off them.

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    Re: Withdrawal from Amitriptyline

    Realize this is an old thread, but I was able to taper off of 50mg of amitriptyline in about 8 months. I was able to go from 50mg down to 10mg in 4 months and it took another 4 months to go from 10mg to 0. At several steps in the process I got side effects like the OP had when I dropped the dose; for me it was mainly waking up super early (3-4 AM) and not getting back to sleep. Any time that happened I'd alternate between my previous dose and the new dose for a few days and then try reducing again. I think I was on 10mg for a few weeks, 5mg for a few weeks, 2.5mg for a month, then 1.25 for a few weeks, then I had 1.25 every other day and then every 3 days for a couple of weeks each until I was completely done. I also supplemented with l-theanine, GABA, taurine, and inositol as part of the taper, which seemed to help with sleep and anxiety quite a bit.

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