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Thread: Sertraline dosage

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    Sertraline dosage

    Hi I have having a little trouble. I was up to 200mg sertraline per day. Made me feel horrible. So went to doctor and he suggested dropping to 100mg per day. I thought it was a huge drop so went to 150mg per day instead. Seemed to feel a lot better, so stayed on that for a month. Then a couple of weeks ago thought I could drop another 25mg to 125mg per day. Big mistake! Now feeling really sick in the morning, can't sleep, can't relax. I have decided to go back to 150mg, but was wondering if anyone knows how long it will be before I feel better again?

    I have never really liked this drug but feel at the moment I can't change as I have 3 young boys to look after for 5 weeks of school holidays.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Sertraline dosage

    The only information I have really picked up is that it can take the same 6-8 weeks as when first starting to level out when you do dose changes. Don't know if that is for sure true, but I have seen it stated quite a bit.

    Best of luck! (I am 7 weeks in on Sertraline, and know how frustrating trying to deal with meds can be. So sorry you are struggling right now.)

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    Re: Sertraline dosage

    Hemp I'm so sorry you feel like this. I also have seen people saying that it can be like starting over again when you up the dose. I'm not 100% sure as I've not had to increase or decrease yet. Really hope it all settles down soon😉

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    Re: Sertraline dosage

    I increased from 50mgs to 100mgs - took me about 4 / 5 weeks for it to settle down again. Some folks increase with no problems at all, unfortunately when I increased I had all the side effects again....
    It was hard to stick it out but I'm glad I did as I'm starting to feel better.

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    Re: Sertraline dosage

    Does anyone have problems with dry mouth? That's one of the main reasons I tried to cut back.

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