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Thread: Frequent urination and I do mean frequent!

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    Frequent urination and I do mean frequent!

    Good evening,

    I have been having an issue with frequent urination. It all started about 3-4 weeks ago. I constantly have to go pee. Even after I "empty my bladder" I still have the urge. 10 minutes later I can go again. The URGE is always there too.
    I had my urine checked and they said everything looked great.
    Now, I am scared it is something sinister, like cancer, diabetes, or whatever else might cause frequent urination. I have heard it is a symptom of anxiety, but I have it all day long. Somedays are a little better, but it is still there.
    I have tried cranberry pills, I am currently on antibiotics for something else, and I drink a A LOT of water ( even though I don't want to because I know it will make me pee even more).
    It is so hard to get an appointment with my doctor (US military health care system), so I am scaring myself.

    Has anyone else dealt with this symptom? If so, how long? I just want it to go away. I have 4 children and don't have time for this. It is ruining my life....

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    Re: Frequent urination and I do mean frequent!

    I was just the same when my anxiety was high. Now that I have my anxiety under control I can last 4 hours without needing a pee.
    Try to avoid coffee and tea as they make you want to go even more.

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    Re: Frequent urination and I do mean frequent!

    Well, first, I would not drink a lot of water if you are worried about excessive urination. There is plenty of water in our normal food and drink without carrying around a water bottle all day.

    As others have said, you should avoid natural diuretics containing caffeine, such as tea and coffee.

    Finally, it is possible to get a prescription of antidiuretic hormone - Vasopressin. This will slow the production of urine. Naturally, it should only be used on occasions, but may be useful if you can find a doctor willing to work through issues with you.

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    Re: Frequent urination and I do mean frequent!

    Hi mistigale. I sometimes have the same problem and it's usually when I'm stressed and anxious. The problem is that you can end up in a vicious circle of feeling anxious about the problem and the anxiety then fuelling the symptom. One thing I found helped me was the resist the urge to go, but tell myself to wait ten or fifteen minutes before going again. That way, I felt that I was in control and it really helped my anxiety. Remember, your doctor said your urine looked fine, so it is probably is more an anxiety issue.

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