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Thread: After a cold..

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    After a cold..

    After a cold do you have sinus pressure?? I think alot of my problems are due to the fact that I'm hyper-aware so I'm trying to rationalise.I got a cold boxing,it pretty much cleared up in a week but since then I've been left with terrible facial pressure where my sinuses are (cheeks mainly) but no mucus,is this normal?? Does anyone else feel like this after a cold?? X

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    Re: After a cold..

    I still have a little residual sinus sensation, and I think Monday was the last day that I felt the effects of the annoying little cold I had for what seemed like weeks. As if it would try to start then back off, etc. Finally came on full stop for a few days, but my sinuses from cheek to cheek still felt like I was under water, even though I wasn't able to clear anything out. I took some Dayquil that day which gave me quite a lot of relief, and have been feeling better every day since.

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