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Thread: Hi all need help please new to mirt

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    Unhappy Hi all need help please new to mirt

    I was on seroxat 40mg for about 3 months had been on 20mg for 3 yrs but I had a very acute episode where I lost it and then the following day I took an overdose which included about 20 seroxat that was 12 days ago since then I have had no seroxat I saw a psychiatrist and he put me on mirtazapine 7 days ago initially I was on 15 mg increased to 30 after 4 days I started my new dose on tues since yesterday i have had extreme waves of dizziness and I feel angry impatient low tearful snappy and have vivid dreams waking every 2hrs covered in sweat can any one help is this withdrawal from seroxat or the increased dose of mirt
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    Re: Hi all need help please new to mirt

    Hi i tried mirt but it made me really dizzy, really angry and i mean angry, tearful, snappy plus the vivid dreams were awful, i was took straight off it when i started getting suicidal thoughts which petrified me, you could be suffering side effects plus some withdrawal from the seroxat which together won't be pleasant, if you get any worse contact your Gp asap x x
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    Re: Hi all need help please new to mirt

    Thanks for that Nicola. Last night I decided to reduce the dose back to 15 and wow what a difference I went from having numerous vivid dreams and waking every 2 hours to just a few and woke twice covered in sweat. I feel so different this morning much more in control and the dizziness / brain zaps have reduced. I don't think this is the drug for me going to my doc on Tuesday to have a chat.

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    Just deciding should I try and reduce my dose again tonight and then come of it tomorrow night ???? Any advice or experiences would be great

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    Re: Hi all need help please new to mirt

    Well last night I didn't have any and I slept very little but my mood has changed. I feel better than I did but still getting dizziness and brain zaps but at the minute I can cope

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