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Thread: IBS Symptoms

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    IBS Symptoms

    Hi wasn't sure where or whether to post this but i really need some advice. My doctor diagnosed me with ibs a few months ago & sent me off with a leaflet & some antispasmodic tablets and iv had it on & off since then. Just recently i seem to get bouts of it more often & for the past week iv felt awful feel very sick, gassy, have stomach ache & need 2 be near a loo all the time just in case (sorry to be so graphic) its just ruining my life im missing loads of lectures at uni & cant get a part time job beause id be ringing in sick all the time, as if the anxiety wasnt enough to deal with! going back 2 the doctors tomorrow but just feel like they fob me off because i suffer from anxiety. sorry this has turned into more of a whinge but if any one has any experience or advice id be so gratefull
    Love & hugs
    Suzy xx:(

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    hi there suzy sorry your not well ,ive had ibs for years somtimes i get just like you , when you see your gp ask him or her to tell you about certan foods that make it worse.i find if i eat anything with yeast in i blow up like a balloon and im always back and for the loo .hope this helps take care suexx

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    Hi , Ibs is usually anxiety related.
    I had to go for tests 8 years ago, cos my stomach was so distended and gassy. Basically I had to cut out dairy, oranges, cabbage,sprouts,beans, spicy foods,caffiene. It really worked and ive been good ever since (except for a few occasions) I started re introducing a little dairy and can cope much better.

    Another good tip is this, when you eat your meat and potatoes , always make sure you eat your potatoes and veg first, then followed by your meat.
    Meat takes 3-4 hours to digest and potatoes and veg 1- 2 hours.

    This can cause a congestion in your stomach, (like a traffic jam) the potatoes and veg start breaking down in your stomach causing gasses cos they cant get by the meat.

    Best to eat all protien meals or all carbohydrate meals sepreately.

    Or you can buy digestive enzymes which should help the gassy feelings.

    Good luck,.


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    Hi Sues & Mirry,
    Thanks so much for the advice, i will take it on board and see if i can work out if there is something particular making it worse. The doctor is sending me for blood tests to check it is nothing else & to see if i have food intolerances:( so i guess il have to go from there!
    Thanks again
    Love& hugs
    Suzy xx

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