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Thread: Left fingers and toes cold

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    Left fingers and toes cold

    Lately my left fingers (not thumb or index finger) and my left toes have felt sort of cold and weird. Maybe a little stiff. Not sure if it's the cold weather affecting or something else.

    I'm really worried I have something really wrong. I know I'm probably overreacting. Are these normal anxiety symptoms ?

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    Re: Left fingers and toes cold

    I constantly have cold hands and feet and a cold nose! Its is because when we are anxious blood is taken away from the extremities in order to be nearer the heart for fight or flight not dangerous at all just cold! Hope I helped x

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    Re: Left fingers and toes cold

    Didn't want to start a new thread....

    Lately when I look at my left hand when it's resting on my knee or something it looks weird. Sort of like this feeling that it's detatched or separate from me.

    Is this a Normal symptom? because I'm worried it's something worse. I've also made the mistake before if googling symptoms and that makes me worry even more.

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