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Thread: Various health fears

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    Various health fears

    I'm just wondering if it's typical with panic & anxiety to get many different health fears. I do admit to getting pretty hypochondriacal & I try not to , but it's hard not to get these fearful thoughts . It seems like I go from DVT fears to heart fears to brain tumor fears & on. & on. I have no idea how to make it stop . I take Xanax. & see a therapist. The Xanax definitely helps but I feel like I'm
    On a merry go round I can't get off of. It's very stressful. How do other people with anxiety cope with this type of thing ? I don't want to feel this anxious. It robs the joy from life. Thank You!

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    Re: Various health fears

    Yes it's very common I've thought I've had dozens of diseases. In fact it's always a different disease. It's great that you are in therapy. Are you doing CBT in therapy?
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    Re: Various health fears

    I think we're kind of doing CBT but maybe not officially. Not really sure.

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