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    10 to 20 to 40

    Just wanted to share with you all and give you my experience

    I started on 10mg 23.12.13

    Side effects constipation, disturbed sleep, night sweats wringing wet Waking every hour or so and major panic after 4 days lasting a day

    Then after 3 weeks I went up to 20mg

    Side effects constipation disturbed sleep, night sweats and bad anxiety in the mornings

    11 days ago increased to 40mg

    Side effects constipation and disturbed sleep

    I am so glad i've stuck with this medication as I am feeling just so good at the moment. My chatterbox is very quiet now and when it does try to break through I can quite easily shut it up

    I am also doing relaxation every day

    The Honest guys on you tube are great

    Please if you are suffering stick with it.

    It's not easy and the side effects can be awful. BUT THAT IS ALL THEY ARE SIDE EFFECTS AND THEY GO

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