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Thread: Coping Tips

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    Coping Tips


    I suffer with Derealisation (feeling detached and spacy) but this is brought on by anxiety. I am wanting some help with coping mechanisms. I have decided to create my own toolbox! Currently I have:

    1) Yoga
    2) Meditation
    3) Breathing exercises
    4) Positive Thinking
    5) EFT (Tapping)

    However, the above (except positive thinking) is not something that can really be done in public. If I start to breathe deeply people look at me strange and if I start tapping... well I may just end up being sectioned!

    So... I am wanting some help with what I can do when I am in public and I notice my anxiety increases.??

    The symptoms I get are:

    1) Vision out of focus
    2) Feeling 'strange' and 'weird'
    3) Fuzzy head
    4) Spacy feeling like im on a cloud


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    Re: Coping Tips

    Hi Claire

    I also get all of those symptoms although they have only started quite recently (maybe 2 months or so), the only thing that helps me when I feel that way is being busy, its not a coping tip as such but it helps me so much. When I'm out and it happens I will read the news on my phone or put my earphones in a sing along in my head as soon as my mind is distracted it stops.

    hope you find a coping tip that works well for you

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    Re: Coping Tips

    You can tap in your head, just imagine the positions, no funny looks from people then lol
    Also the mindfulness, just do the breathing etc but keep your eyes open

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    Re: Coping Tips

    In public I'd have a podcast on. I'm listening to people I enjoy chatting about subjects I enjoy. So I'm walking around amused, interested and not anxious.

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    Re: Coping Tips

    Claire, great post and great way of seeking support. I find the following things to be very helpful:
    CBT - putting the rational thought to irrational thoughts
    Watching something that will make me laugh.
    Acceptance - just feel the feelings and go about what you are doing anyway

    Hope that some of this helps you.

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    Re: Coping Tips

    A good thread from JennClark last week:

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