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Thread: Anybody know anything about Dysphagia? (dificulty in swallowing)

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    Anybody know anything about Dysphagia? (dificulty in swallowing)

    My husband is having difficulty swallowing when he's eating. Sometimes he chokes and has to rush to the bathroom where he is usually coughing and vomiting. It doesn't happen every time, but I think he is struggling more than he realises. It has happened a least five times when we have been out in company, and it's really embarrassing for both of us, especially if he's stuck in a corner of a restaurant. It has been going on for a couple of years, he hasn't lost weight or become ill so I don't think there is anything sinister going on. It could be an anxiety thing. I found out Dysphagia is the name for something like this. The thing is he won't see anyone about it, and also he drinks quite a lot (lager mostly) and I wonder if this could be causing irritation. He also has poor teeth so he probably can't chew food very small, again he won't see a dentist............he really does have a phobia about dentists. He says his throat and neck feel tight most of the time, could be stress.
    Anyone come across this before?
    I have enough to worry about with my own anxiety, let alone start worrying about someone who isn't bothered. This is now spoiling our life, especially any social life because now I have started to refuse any invitations that involve eating.
    If anyone has any ideas at all I would love to hear them.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Anybody know anything about Dysphagia? (dificulty in swallowing)

    I have problems swallowing because I am scared of the dentist and cannot chew properly, also my gullet seems to go into a spasm HOWEVER a work colleague of mine (not anxious) has been to the doctor and had several tests and in his case it is owing to hiatus hernia and acid reflux

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    Re: Anybody know anything about Dysphagia? (dificulty in swallowing)

    Having had head and neck cancer, I suffer with this due to treatment. I have to do swallowing exercises daily to keep things working properly. Even at that, my "new normal" is "chew, chew, sip, swallow". I have to have water with practically everything I eat. I have a general lack of saliva as well (probably 75% of what it was before).

    While swallowing difficulties can be a symptom of stress and anxiety, there can be and are physical reasons as well. This would be best addressed by a doctor.

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