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Thread: Been a rough week (update on my uncle)

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    Been a rough week (update on my uncle)

    This has been one of the most trying weeks I have had in a long time.

    My uncle was upgraded to stable condition yesterday and remains in the cardiac icu, the doctors still aren't completely sure why he had a heart attack that seemed to come out of nowhere as he didn't have any real risk factors and just had his yearly checkup a month or so ago.

    I have visited him every day which is not doing good things for the anxiety levels but supporting my aunt and uncle takes precedent. One of the hardest things is that his "roommate" is a 29 year old male much the same build as me who jut had open heart surgery. I have avoided asking him or his family what contributed to his condition, but just the mere presence of "someone like me" being in the cardiac icu takes it's toll on my mind.

    I am taking today off from visiting him just for a mental break but I feel horrible for doing it as I have been there everyday and he kind of lights up when I am there.

    Please keep him in your thoughts

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    Re: Been a rough week (update on my uncle)

    I'm pleased to hear that your uncle is in slightly better condition, I'll keep him in thoughts and prayers and hope for a full recovery. It sounds like his doctors are taking care of them.

    You're doing well to challenge yourself to go in and visit him, especially that he seems to benefit so much from you being there. You're probably giving him a hit of some happy hormones when you're in there, and that will help his recovery in even the smallest way. Keep going, just make sure you take care of yourself when you go home - do some stress relief work xx

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