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Thread: Unusual pets?

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    Its not unusual , I have fishes as pets.

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    Wow, what an unusual dog!

    My pets aren't that unusual. I have two large dogs. A nearly 5 yo American Bulldog/Border collie x and a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever. Both are exceptionally good looking but the white and gold hair gets on everything!

    Does the huge spider living in my kitchen window count as a pet?!

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shazamataz View Post
    Does the huge spider living in my kitchen window count as a pet?!
    Yes, if you've name him!
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    Re: Unusual pets?

    i have a hedgehog in my garden

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    I have a sunfish (the freshwater type) Not sure if we can classify that as cute... Lol.
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    Re: Unusual pets?

    I have a bearded dragon. She's pretty cool. And I guess the cockroaches I breed for her to eat sort of count as pets as well, as I find them rather interesting little critters. Yes, I am strange ��

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    I'm not sure if he counts but i have a Chinchilla named Chico, I can upload pictures later

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    We have a houserabbit - he lives behind our sofa most of the time (has a tray for his essential needs in the corner of the dining room) and is completely free-range, although since the arthritis kicked in he can't manage the stairs so well any more.

    It's a good thing he doesn't have HA (that we know of) as he lives with a brain parasite which occasionally 'activates' and gives him stroke-like symptoms. During one of these episodes he could only run in circles - we had to measure the size of the circles to see if he was getting better or not. Luckily, he was, and eventually the circles resolved into a wobbly straight line (up till then he just had to aim himself for wherever he wanted and hope that on one of his loops he'd hit the target).

    He is the light of our lives, a perennial worry, and a very weird pet.

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    No nothing unusual I have a dog at present but l had 3 cats befor.
    I kept rats and had a rabbit also a budgie. I find taking care of the more usual companion animal demanding enough.

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    Re: Unusual pets?

    My friend had 3 Geckos, it wasn't so much unusual he had them but they lived in the bathroom, not in a cage, just in the bathroom walking around care free. Made going to the toilet a rather different experience.

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