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Thread: Help.Bad ecg

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    Help.Bad ecg

    hi..I normally post in the citalopram section since I starting taking it 7 weeks ago..My physciatrist had me go to the doctor to get a physical just to put my mind at ease. I have HA and with my anxiety always think I am having a heart attack.
    Well, they did a ecg (here in the states we call them ekg) anyway, they said I had some flat t-waves which could be normal for me, they would have to have be bring in a earlier ecg to look at. However, the printout said
    "possible evidence of past anterior infraction',meaning I my have a had a heart attack in the past..I am coming out of my skin. They said not worry, but they are setting me up for a treadmill stress test..
    Anyone else, every have a result like this..Help, please..debbie

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    Re: Help.Bad ecg

    I am sorry I can't help you but I see no one has replied to you so I just wanted to say I hope someone can help you. I am having ecg scares as well :(

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    Re: Help.Bad ecg

    EKGs are usually very sensitive and require human interpretation for correct analysis. It's been a couple of months since you posted, so I hope you've gotten good, reassuring news in the intervening time.

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