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Thread: I'm back on Duloxetine again.

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    I'm back on Duloxetine again.

    Hello, I'm back on the Duloxetine board again. I've been absent for a while but still here on NMP.

    I was on Duloxetine about this time last year, and it did help, although I felt horrible some times. The last few months (since Christmas), I've been on Fluoxetine, but I've had to come off due to worsening depression and suicidal and harming thoughts and my Dr switched me back to Duloxetine today, although I haven't started taking them yet because he didn't tell me what to do, do I taper down (forgot to mention, I'm taking 20mgs of Fluoxetine every other day now), alternate between the two like I did when I switched from Sertraline to Duloxetine, or just stop the Fluoxetine one day, and start the Duloxetine the next? I'm very anxious about this, I hate taking medication at the best of times, but this is making me very nervous.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you for reading..
    P.S. I also forgot to ask the pharmacist.

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    Re: I'm back on Duloxetine again.

    Hi, Lynn! Welcome back!
    You know, given how you've been feeling on the fluoxetine, I would think he would have wanted you to do a straight swap to the duloxetine. Hope you were/are able to call his office and confirm ...!
    Good luck, post and let us know

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    Re: I'm back on Duloxetine again.

    Not to speak for your doctor but when I made the switch it was a straight swap. Best of luck.

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